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  2. Zephyr1

    F-86 Sabre 70mm EDF

    Earlier last year I designed a 50mm F-86 Sabre that some of you are hopefully aware of (found here: F-86 50mm) and it worked really well! It was incredibly fast and maneuverable. But with the onset of the Master Series Corsair, I realized I needed to up my game. And as I was tired of the 3-4min...
  3. Zephyr1

    F-86 Sabre - 50mm EDF

    The F-86 Sabre is among my favorite jets. How can you not love the greatest MiG killer in history? I decided to make the it scale to my F-15. It requires ONLY 2 sheets of foamboard! This means that if you lawndart it (I did the first one!) it's no trouble to rebuild! I used a FMS 12 blade 50mm...