f4 phantom

  1. Joe Carpino

    DIY Slow-fly F-4 Phantom

    I designed this about a year or 2 back and I remade the plans so I'm uploading them here so i can attach the link to my YouTube video. Feel free to check it out! DIY Mini Drone into RC F-4 PHANTOM! [FREE PLANS] - YouTube And here's the plans:
  2. Sotm

    Follow up To Mid7night's F-4 Phantom - Twin 70mm EDF Monster!!

    With Ben's permission I am doing a build log of his F4 Phantom. I have made some minor changes also. F4 dual 70mm Build: I started the build by printing all the PDF's as tiled PDFs with Adobe Reader on to gray card stock. Cut and taped each 30x20 sheet together (8 tiles each). Then I cut...