1. fastfred529

    Westcoast Flitetest Fans share where you live and what you fly.

    Fred Thompson here, living in Fairfield, California. Looking to meet and fly with other Flitetest fans in Northern California. My current fleet is: FT Dusty, FT Bloody Wonder with rudders ,FT Storch, FT MiniScout, FT Tiny Trainer, a SlowBipe MiniBipe, Diatone #23 quad, Deformation Insects 210mm...
  2. fastfred529

    Fairfield, California looking for friends to fly with.

    Hi Fred Thompson here. Fly Flitetest planes and quadcopters. fastfred529 on forums(flitetest and rcgroups), Post alot on "Crashcast Listeners Page" on facebook. Live in Fairfield, California.