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Westcoast Flitetest Fans share where you live and what you fly.

Fred Thompson here, living in Fairfield, California. Looking to meet and fly with other Flitetest fans in Northern California. My current fleet is: FT Dusty, FT Bloody Wonder with rudders ,FT Storch, FT MiniScout, FT Tiny Trainer, a SlowBipe MiniBipe, Diatone #23 quad, Deformation Insects 210mm FPV quad, Shendrone Shrieker FPV Quad, Cloned Tweaker 180 FPV Quad,and MultiRc HMB X5 FPV Quad. I use a FrSky Taranis + radio and HK Quanum V2 goggles.
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I am Thomas LaZette, living in Ripon California. I fly quadcopters also in the 250-210 range. FPV. For planes I have built and fly, FT Cabbie, FT Dusty, FT Cruiser, FT Versa, 2 FT Explorers (One LED's and one with an APM for mission flights), FT Arrow w/ FPV, FT Bloody Baron, one store bought plane which is the Hawksky trainer. I use the FrSky Taranis radio, but started off with the Spektrum Dx8.


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David here, in Roseville, flying at AMOS RC Club in Lincoln when I get a chance to.
I have a Hobbyzone Super Cub that I love flying. I just maidened my new E-flite T-28 Trojan 1200mm this weekend and it is awesome. I also usually have two swappable planes either built or under construction at any time. I love FT designs and am enjoying coming up with my own spin offs.
I use a Spektrum Dx6i radio.
I have a family that I dedicate almost all my free time to but boy do I love flying when I get out there.
Hello to all from Fallbrook CA! My name is Austin. i currently have the FT trainer running and am working on my second FT mini vector. I also fly my 180 qx, nano qx 3d, and whip it. I have built and destroyed the ft Arrow, tiny trainer, baby baron:), sparrow, and vector. im still learning but feel like im getting good. i can almost fly my 4 batteries without any repairs and thats a success to me:)


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Healdsburg CA

My name is Darrel and I currently have a working arrow, I fly at Barberi Bros park on the north end of town and sometimes in Santa Rosa off of Nothpoint parkway. It would be great to meet up with anyone from Sonoma county sometime.
Valley Center, CA here. I belong to the Fallbrook Flyers Club we fly at the Indian Reservation in Valley Center. I have built over 10 Foam flyers now. I have designed a Stuka, Q-Tee, Taube, Fokker D-VII, Mach-None and Shinden. The Shinden is under construction at this time. I also fly Nitro airplanes.


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Quite the gaggle of left coasters here. Make sure you guys get some vids if any of you get ta hang out with others in here from FT.
Alan here, I'm in Discovery Bay, CA and fly at Cornell Park. Currently flying FT Storch, FT P51, FT Bushwacker, Parkzone Corsair, HK mini DLG, Blade nano QX 3D(in house FPV), and most recently a TH Vesta BL glider.

Glad to see all of the West Coaster's out there.

For those in/near the bay area, there is going to be a fun fly in Sunnyvale at Baylands park on 6/12, go to Bayrc.net for more info.

Alan B.
Got to meet a local Flitetest Fan.

Alan Barton flying his FT P51 Mustang at BayRc fly in. Made a new friend when he noticed my Flitetest plane.
We hanged out and talked about are rc history. Alan watched my Ft Storch maiden and crash, tail heavy.
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Alan Barton flying his FT P51 Mustang at BayRc fly in. Made a new friend when he noticed my Flitetest plane.
We hanged out and talked about are rc history. Alan watched my Ft Storch maiden and crash because it too heavy in the tail.
Hey Fred, it was nice meeting another FT builder/flier as well. If you still have that Storch, we should plan on meeting up to do some flying together.
Heya, I live in San Diego and am a total newbie. Flying (crashing) FT Flyer, FT Arrow, FT Bloody Wonder and just built an FT Tiny Trainer. There is a MeetUp.com group that does VERY informal fun flys once a month (FPV stuff almost exclusively) that I like to check out and get intimidated by. The group is called "San Diego DUG" (San Diego Drone Users Group). A small group within the group flys FT planes. I'm hoping to meet with more San Diegans to fly with and learn from!


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Ted in Simi Valley (Ventura County). If I can put a motor on it we will try and fly it. :)

My sons and I fly planes and quads, both indoor and outdoor. We are lucky to have a once a month indoor fly event in a large gymnasium, otherwise we fly in a large field at a middle school, sometimes (rarely) at a large soccer field and when we can which is rare go to Apollo XI RC field in Lake Balboa.