1. Flite Risk


    Ok, its finally 2018, this post is 5 hours and 20 minutes late. Details on Flite Fest East 2018, what is the plan? Its time to request off of work and we need to get FFE '18 on the calendar before we get any wedding invitations 'cause well let's see, go to some exotic destination wedding on...
  2. K

    Thanks to All at FF and the FFE Volunteers (and our FFE 2017 experience)

    I'm not a big poster on the forums or on YouTube, but I have been watching/reading FT info for a few years. I tried to get to FT 2016, but did not begin planning soon enough and could not get away from work in time. So, I started planning for FF 2017 (there was no East/West thing then) by July...
  3. X

    Flight Fest East Questions

    Hello everyone, So I'm going to Flight Fest East this year, and it'll be my first time attending. My family and I will be taking an RV and all our planes and quads. However, I have some questions... (I know this is broad) What should we bring? Like is there anything that you guys can think of...
  4. uLightMe

    Swap Meet at Flite Fest East 2017

    I wonder how complicated it would be to organize a swap meet at the FFE (Flite Fest East)? Would there be any interest in trading your "slightly used" bits and bobs? Would there be legal issues? Wold it be in conflict with the FT Store on site? hmm... thoughts?