1. BlueK

    FPV Filming - no limit

    long time no new edit, this time full in tried too at some sound design (not perfect) just started with this new side of video editing, but some awesome footage out of the last weeks hope you like it.
  2. A

    Chasing a mountain biker with a racing quadcopter

    Having fun chasing a mountain biker with my racing quad! hope you enjoy!
  3. R

    My electrohub is in need of a upgrade.

    So miniquads has really extinuished the use of my electrohub. I'm still wanting to keep it, but it's not being used much It's got a kk2 controller, meh, it about as stable as a miniquad with a naze. It's ok, but not great. I would like to get into filming. So I'm wondering about doing a...
  4. FlyingMaddLadd

    SK450 Deadcat FPV - Filming TBS Wing

    Hello, I bought a sk450 deadcat a few months ago and a while after that i got FPV setup on it. I have only recently began to fly FPV and i have made my first video while using the mobius to record at the same time as giving me live feed. I'd like to share this video with you all and would love...
  5. R

    Blunt Nose Versa Wing Aerial Video Compiliation - More than just your average FPV vid

    I'd like to think that this is not the typical aerial FPV video we have all come to know. In addition to flying I really enjoy the creative potential for using remote rc aerial footage to make video art. I'm just experimenting with the whole process and hope you enjoy this "testing". The...