My electrohub is in need of a upgrade.


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So miniquads has really extinuished the use of my electrohub. I'm still wanting to keep it, but it's not being used much

It's got a kk2 controller, meh, it about as stable as a miniquad with a naze. It's ok, but not great. I would like to get into filming. So I'm wondering about doing a makeover of my electrohub. Updating to a faster flight controller, might get a gopro further down the line.
I just won a auction on a cm2000 arris gimball, which I will hopefully be using on my electrohub. The seller had no idea what it was other than it said arris on it. So I guess I will find out when I get it. It was cheap enough so wont matter if it's garbage. If you haven't figured it out I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to filming. Ive been more into miniquads and planes. Only interested in trying to film recently.
Will just be using my runcam for awhile, but will be looking at getting a gopro.

So what would youre plan be? I'm thinking that the naza or pixhawk route is a bit expensive. I might go for a ardupilot mega, because I have all the time to fiddle to get it stable. Then I can slowley expand from there, adding thngs like gps, upgrading the gimball again.

Think it's a good idea to upgrade to the ardupilot? Is it worth trying to setup a electrohub as a stable filming platform?

Regards, someone who clearley has no clue about setting up a filming rig.


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Id take a class on Aerial photography first to see if all the hassles to get great footage are worth all the effort and cost. Unless you are merely doing it for a "what the heck" Ill try this project and not seriously into it as a business thing. Filming with new cameras like the go pros and such is pretty easy but there are a lot more things to any photography then turning a camera on and setting it to "Auto"

Chad Kapper from Rotor Riot would be one to ask directly or David Windesthal (spelling?) specially since you are using a tricopter as a platform.


What is your current set-up for the electrohub? If it's not a tricopter, you might want to try that. A full-sized tricopter is a nice change from mini-quads, and if you set it up right, you can get some pretty nice footage without a gimbal (have you seen David's Fire and Ice video?


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I really like your experimental attitude, please share your trials, tribulations, and results!


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Thanks everyone. Currently my electrohub is in dead cat mode. I don't have a tricopter... yet, I'm building one of those in about 2 weeks, I've already got the parts just a matter of finding the time. Was planning on making it easy to swap the gimball between them, depends on how well it fly's guess ill find out.

I haven't filmed for people before. But I would like to start. I am studying at the moment, so the hours I could put into are very limited. But I have been seriously considering it.

I'm not too sure what the laws and regulations around it are. Ill have to do some reading I guess.