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first quad

  1. C

    best FPV setup on budget for a FT gremlin?

    I have been watching flite test for about four years now and i have always been more into their content on planes. Recently I have started wanting to build a FPV quad copter, and what better quad to start with than the gremlin. Being new to quads I am also new to FPV and I always thought that...
  2. Qzf

    Some quick questions before buying my first drone

    Hello there Im planning on building my first quadcopter soon, and I'm gathering as much information as possible as I don't want do end up with something that is not compatible or worse; fry something. So my plans was to buy these parts. The parts in blue is in the DJI F450 ARF Kit. DJI F450...
  3. M

    My first quadcopter config,is it gonna to fly ?

    hello i am bulling my first custom build quadcopter , after playing with a DJI for 2 years i need to have a custom build and reasonable cost unit ,i have complied the following specs but not sure if the motors could be mounted on the frame ? , ESC is good? calculated flight time of 15mintues...