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flight control

  1. Jack Eugene

    Underbelly of big rc plane

    I would love to the see the undebelly of a big rc plane. Speccialy the wings. I want to see what it looks like without a control horn sticking out. Im trying to deisgn my own and need something to base it off of. Thanks!
  2. R

    Go crazy in control (fully stabilized SU-37)

    Hi there! I have a project in mind, which may well be some kind of overkill in terms of control surfaces and electronics, maybe even weight... It´s about building a SU-37 with all really build in control surfaces, fully movable of course: canards or even canardons, ailerons, elevator or elevons...
  3. jaskoller

    KK2.1.5 Firmware Post for 2015

    I need some advice. I've been searching forums and the Internet for updated information but need some help. I'm getting ready to install my KK2.1.5 board on a fresh Tri, however, do you guys recommend flashing it to a different firmware like "Stevie's" or something else? I've read about a...