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flight controller board

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    Help! Ómnibus F4 Pro to GPS and FrSky R9mm

    So I’m building a quad, and have gotten a Bn-880 and FrSky R9 mm. I was hoping someone could help connect the R9 mm to my Omnibus F4 Pro. I connected the GPS to UART 3/6 on J10 so that’s gone, and I was planning to connect the Sbus, Ground, and 5V to J7 on the Pinout, but where would I connect...
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    Controller board Possitioning.

    Hi everyone....I am new to forums i already new about FT but didn't spend any time here. i have a question for very smart people out there.As you know Dji Inspire i have a fancy ballscrew landing flapping kind of thingy for landing and its known that it bad to place FCB away from cg but it...