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  1. J

    First Multirotor Problems, I'm New at This

    kk2.1 board e-flite Park 300 1380kv motors Turnigy Multistar 15amp ESCs Spektrum dx6i transmitter and AR600 receiver Anyrotor kit from the fabulous Flite Test guys # Tricopter -TGY375DMG Metal gear digital servo -Props mounted using built in prop savers on motors and o rings -Flips every time...
  2. L

    Noob Tricopter Keeps Flipping getting discouraged

    I have Turnigy Multistar esc's. 2-30amp ones and 1-15amp one. a kk2 board. batbone frame I kept flipping on what I wanted to be my maiden flight. I can't even get it to hover. I Hexa checked that props and motor rotation were correct. I thought I calibrated the esc's because i heard the beeping...