1. F

    CFL FPV checking in for the biggest FPV meet of the year...

    Hello guys, just wanted to remind you all about the baddest FPV meet of the year coming up on February 27 - March 1st in Leesburg Fla. Flite Test will be out at the meet along with the best retailers this side of the map.. competitions, prizes, contest, prizes, raffles, crashes, and did i say...
  2. L

    A White Christmas with DJI in Sarasota Florida

    I brought my Phantom 2 to the beach for our "White Christmas". It was a lot of fun to get the video, and make sure to watch it in HD! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=310151059184742
  3. tw-ryder

    Central Florida FPV Meet, October 4-6

    Tracy and I are headed to the Central Florida FPV Meet this weekend. Anyone in the FT world going along?

    Cocoa Beach Airshow!!!

    the cocoa beach air show is amazing. here is their website url www.cocoabeachairshow.com/ it is November 5-6 this year and tickets are on sale!:eek: any responses? post below!