1. L

    Naze32 Cleanflight Crashing Three Minutes Into Flight

    Hi All, Thanks first of all for all you do to get us newbs up in the air! I am building my second quad from scratch this time. I used the mini racing quad power pack for electronics with a Naze32 Acro and a homebrew H frame. I built a tether that supplies 12.6V/30A to an XT60 plugged into the...
  2. SanKouKai

    How to pilot a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ?

    How to control a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ? Hi, this is my first time on this forum and i'm a newbie in the quadcopter world ! First of all sorry about my English. So, I just finished (and crashed) my first quadcopter. And even if I tried, before flying, to get the...
  3. B

    Show Suggestion: Analysis of Drone Flyaway Syndrome

    From the AR Drone 1.0 to current DJI and HH products, it seems an astoundingly high percentage of drones/multirotors unexpectedly head for the hills while in one of the automated modes. I would enjoy learning more about the causes of this behavior and what the users of these drones can do to...