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Show Suggestion: Analysis of Drone Flyaway Syndrome


Junior Member
From the AR Drone 1.0 to current DJI and HH products, it seems an astoundingly high percentage of drones/multirotors unexpectedly head for the hills while in one of the automated modes. I would enjoy learning more about the causes of this behavior and what the users of these drones can do to prevent it.


Junior Member
I think this would make a very interesting show topic. I'm just curious how to confirm/deny some of the "ideas" floating around right now regarding "Fly Aways".

I think that the percentage of "Fly Aways" isn't that high we just hear about them because many MANY people who are happy and don't have a fly away don't go online and report this fact. The #'s may seem high but in reality when you talk in percentages I would imagine that # is fairly low. Much lower than we would think.