1. BlueK

    Destination Unknown

    The weather throughout the week was just catastrophic, only rain and clouds and hardly any sun, but we decided to fly with our FPV Race Drones anyway because there is no bad weather just the wrong equipment.
  2. P

    Aris/Greece: noob with no flying clue reaching out for flying/construction help!

    Hi all! Name's Aris and I am from Greece. I only lately started building planes (with the FT method). While I tremendously enjoy building the planes (I have built the Nutball, the flyer, the delta, the old fogey, the tiny trainer AND the storch), I haven't been very lucky flying any of them ...
  3. C

    FT Old Fogey build question

    Hi, I've been taking my time building this plane over the last few weeks and this past weekend I finished, and when I did, I noticed that the wing is not 'true' with the elevator(tail)(i'm a noob so feel free to correct me if I use the wrong vocabulary). I'm thinking I may have a gotten the...