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I've been taking my time building this plane over the last few weeks and this past weekend I finished, and when I did, I noticed that the wing is not 'true' with the elevator(tail)(i'm a noob so feel free to correct me if I use the wrong vocabulary). I'm thinking I may have a gotten the fuselage out of square when glueing the nose up. In any event, I just wanted to make sure before moving forward that it would be a good idea to shim up one side of the fuselage, where it meets the wing? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Also, I may as well go ahead and mention that I went with the Suppo 2208/14 for the motor and a Turnigy 2200mAh 3s 20c for the battery. Has anyone ran this setup before on a Fogey? How did it preform? My thought process was to make the plane a bit heavier because It's perpetually windy where I live. Again, any and all input is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

One last caveat, I'm looking for an alternative to the landing gear wire. I cant seem to bend it to the desired precision.


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I also run the 2208/14 with an 8x4 prop and 3s 1800 and am still trying to get the cg right. I does fly but has been real squirlly so far. I have found that it doesn't need but about 1/2 throttle to fly better.
I would shim up the fuselage to line up or sand down the fuselage where the wing mounts. You can leave alone and it will still fly but just look a bit funny.
You can get some thin narrow aluminum strips at Lowes and bend a landing gear like on a Sig Cadet.


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I ran a 1200kv motor with 10x4.7 prop and a 2200 mah on all my planes, the ft old fogey was the most docile plane yet, not incredibly maneuverable but a nice easy flyer, the added weight caused the wing to fold during loops tho!
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Alright, awesome! Thanks so much for the advice! I think I'll just sand down the fuselage until everything looks right. Also, thanks for the heads up on the loops! Now I have a reason to build another swappable.

Foam Overcast

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Hi Colbi,

I built and flew the Old Fogey for quite a while before I moved on to another build. Here are my experiences with it.

Don't be too concerned with a first build being a little out of shape. It will fly nicely. I built mine real square only to have the tail surfaces warp the first time I took it out in damp air. It likes to Dutch Roll with wind or speed. If you are going too fast just slow down some. If it is windy let it do its thing. It flew best with the slowest stable speed I could fly it. Mine flew MUCH better without landing gear and even better after making a little clam shell like piece that covered the front opening where the battery goes so the bottom ended up smooth and rounded to the motor. I covered the bottom with extreme packing tape and belly landed it. Worked great. Hope that helps.


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Thanks for sharing Foam Overcast, I think I'll take your advice with covering that hole and belly landing! I'm just ready to get this thing in the air!


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Good luck CS and have fun! Wouldn't worry too much about wing alignment with the rear stabiliser as people have said, you'll find that the plane still flies pretty straight, might need some trim though.

I've not flown an Old Fogey but there are loads of them down the local hangar and when they aren't chuntering on about how things were different in 'the goold old days' they make for pretty good pilots.