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  1. PaiRaN

    Micro Trond Project Willi

    We have had lots of fun building this little Micro FPV49 inspired wing. A Series of 6+ Videos showing, what it is capable of :) AUW is about 350g including FPV, Action cam, Lipo and all the other electronics Ah, and there are english subtitles for the german parts spoken in Episode one :)
  2. G

    Electrics for FPV49 Build

    I am looking to put all this togetehr but have some questions I hope I can get some help with. http://flitetest.com/articles/fpv49-build So I have the following: 35 -36 1400kv motor, HK-70A ESC, Turnigy UBEC -5A and some Ferrite Rings all from the list in the article I dont have the...