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Micro Trond Project Willi


New member
We have had lots of fun building this little Micro FPV49 inspired wing. A Series of 6+ Videos showing, what it is capable of :)

AUW is about 350g including FPV, Action cam, Lipo and all the other electronics

Ah, and there are english subtitles for the german parts spoken in Episode one :)



New member
Not completlyl yet, as we still try to get more out of the wing. By now we completely rebuild the thing and test it! Basically it is a FPV49 Trond V3 shrunk down to 60cm wingspan!

Here is our RESTART on the thing:

Next, we needed to create some reliable shapes/masks to increase the build speed ... :) But, they do fly well.

MAX AUW will be around 350g! My buddy put a ZoeFPV 2010 2450kv motor on it and pumps 4s850 through ... amazing speed!


New member
Some evening bashing with the guys

After some time, I found I had to edit the latest footage in the project - hope you enjoy ;)