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  1. B

    Frankenplane project

    Was happy to see a Frankenplane video on YouTube! Been working on one too... A Funtana S40 fuselage, an Arising star wing and a mystery tail... Biggest challenge so far is making the adapter to fit the wing to the fuse. Planning to run 2- 4S 5000 mah lipos in series with a Power 110 eflite...
  2. eagle4

    Sparrow v2 - FrankenPlane comp

    I had a plane i designed a while ago I called the Arrow, it had an untimely demise. You can see it here, the first plane in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JnEnczm90Q I then re modded it and I called it the Sparrow (Super Arrow). It flew, but then it too decided to fist bump the...