1. Thorondor

    Absolutely insane and cursed plane, may or may not fly...

    Here's the link to the post made on That should speak for itself. In case the post gets lost, here's the image.
  2. B

    Frankenplane project

    Was happy to see a Frankenplane video on YouTube! Been working on one too... A Funtana S40 fuselage, an Arising star wing and a mystery tail... Biggest challenge so far is making the adapter to fit the wing to the fuse. Planning to run 2- 4S 5000 mah lipos in series with a Power 110 eflite...
  3. eagle4

    Sparrow v2 - FrankenPlane comp

    I had a plane i designed a while ago I called the Arrow, it had an untimely demise. You can see it here, the first plane in this video. I then re modded it and I called it the Sparrow (Super Arrow). It flew, but then it too decided to fist bump the...