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Sparrow v2 - FrankenPlane comp

I had a plane i designed a while ago I called the Arrow, it had an untimely demise. You can see it here, the first plane in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JnEnczm90Q

I then re modded it and I called it the Sparrow (Super Arrow). It flew, but then it too decided to fist bump the earth.

I think it has potential to be reborn. Stay tuned :)

Here we go, its design is based upon the bobcat or the pushycat. the wings and the motor are the originals. new fuselage, tail booms, and elevator. cg should be good. just gotta get it out to the field to see how she flies


That looks interesting. Hopefully you'll have some more videos for us!

I've been working on almost the same plane as your second one in the video. A kinda Experimental Airlines plane with a Flitetest Power Pod. My wing is the exact shape of the Baby Blender wing, just 60" long. I want to strap my little Hobbyking camera to it and see what kind of altitudes I can get.

Keep us posted!
Well, i took my Sparrow V2 out for its maiden today, I was lucky that after my previous plane crashed i had an audience, i roped one of the guys watching into recording my flight. Well, the thing was a rocket ship, just took off out of my hand. I'm not really sure what happened, but it was like i lost control of it or something.



Looks like your cg was too far back making it a beast to handle. How badly was it damaged? I bet it would be a nice flyer with a bit of tweaking.