1. OGnapkin

    RC Freewing Rebel 70 V2 EDF jet $130

    Jet in pristine condition, reinforced wings with tape. I am selling the jet without batteries or a receiver. It has a 70mm EDF unit and is a joy to fly. very stable and fast. I am only selling because I have no more room and want other planes. I live on long island. message me in you are near me.
  2. OGnapkin

    Freewing Rebel 70 V2 for sale

    Jet in pristine condition, reinforced wings with tape. I ripped out the landing gear and glued them back in myself for increased strength. it is $100 for plane without battery or receiver, or $135 with two 4S 3000mah lipos and no receiver. I live on long island, email me if interested...
  3. JGplanes

    Replacement Freewing F-8 Crusader nose

    For those of you unfortunate enough to crash your Freewing F-8 Crusader (battery died), I have created a new nose replacement. It can be downloaded from Thingiverse, and you may also want to watch my youtube video of the repair and flight afterward. JG
  4. Konrad

    Freewing Me-262 (what is old is new)

    Last night I was slumming over at MotionRC’s sales forum "Hobby Squawk” and ran across some discussions on upping the power in the Freewing Me 262. I have to admit I was amused that it has taken this long for Freewing to update this fine model. And puzzled that they chose to...
  5. Konrad

    F-5 Tiger II (Freewing F-5 mods and set up)

    As I don't see an EDF forum I'll post some of my impressions of Freewing F-5 Tiger here under "Warbirds". Some background is in order. I received this model as a hand me down after the original owner crashed it on the maiden flight performing a classic rendition of the “Saber Dance”. While the...
  6. Konrad

    Freewing 90mm EDF fan (rotor hub ID)

    Help. As my project jet is a Freewing 90mm F-16 sold with a 6 cell outrunner EDF system I'm posting here under "Warbirds". This is because I can't find a dedicated forum for EDFs here on the FT form site. What I’m looking for some information on the Freewing/Changesun 90mm 12 bladed...
  7. Konrad

    Prop Safety (Safe tip speeds for component props Freewing, Flight line, FMS)

    Greetings All, I’m new the this forum but have been in the hobby for many decades, read since 1969 ouch! My concern is that I just witnessed a prop failure at my field. The propeller was of a construction that is new to me. It is where the individual blades are held on to a plastic disk...