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  1. C

    I built my first plane (FT Storch)... and now its winter... I picked a bad time to learn to fly.

    I'm just looking for friendly talk/help to help me get through this winter here in Northern Michigan. It does not permit many good flying opportunities... I had a chance to fly my Storch 1 time (the day before the snow came, and has not stopped snowing for more then a week), but crashed it many...
  2. themajik1

    Home as well from FF

    Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know I made it home from FliteFest. It was amazing to finally meet a lot of the people that I have talked to here in the forums and on Facebook. Glad to be able to put some faces and names together. All of the people at FliteFest made this event what it was...
  3. R

    Anyone in Lawrenceville GA that wants to fly?

    I'm a long time FliteTest Fan, but just moved back home to GA about 10 months ago. Getting settled a bit (finally) and hoping to find some like minded FliteTester's around. I'm in Lawrenceville GA if anyone is near by and interested in getting together. Send me a message and we'll find some...