I built my first plane (FT Storch)... and now its winter... I picked a bad time to learn to fly.


I'm just looking for friendly talk/help to help me get through this winter here in Northern Michigan. It does not permit many good flying opportunities...

I had a chance to fly my Storch 1 time (the day before the snow came, and has not stopped snowing for more then a week), but crashed it many times due to bad wind (winter pushing in), and beginner error. In the process I broke both my props, lol... (it would nose dive when I would fly "downwind" 10/15mph)

...Beat and emotionally broken I began thinking about a different Plane design to better learn in the winter season. Main reason being is all of the electronics are located at the front of the Storch. So if i take a plunge into the snow, everything is going to get soaked (mainly the battery which i'm most concerned about). Not to mention everything around me will be covered in 3ft of snow within a month, So i had to build skis for my Storch (which i'm extremely pleased and impressed with! lol). But I still have no desire to worry about getting water all over my battery and electronics (even tho i made a custom "Storch Front Nose Battery Block" that will keep my battery out of the snow, again.. very pleased with my workmanship, lol)

So this got me thinking.... "Different Plane Design". I instantly started recognizing that Sea Planes were my saving grace to the next 5 months of my life for learning rc planes in the wretched winters we have here. I initially hate sea planes, I have no desire for taking off and landing on water, haha. But... Realizing their design is also perfect for snow, and upon further research i found the "FT Sea Otter". Its description states its perfect for water/snow... so i bought one... So now i'm waiting for my "Winter Trainer Plane" (Sea Otter) to arrive... and this dreadful winter to pass...


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Yup, snowballs or nutballs are fun. You can definitely do some thing to waterproof the electronics, but unless it's salty snow it shouldn't really hurt them if they do get wet. just make sure they are completely dry before powering up.

Where in Northern Michigan are you? I used to live near Dertoit, but spent my summers in northern Michigan on Torch Lake near Traverse City.


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It does not permit many good flying opportunities...
... (it would nose dive when I would fly "downwind" 10/15mph)
Flying in wind is more difficult than calm air. The speed of the air going over the wing is everything. When you are flying up wind your air speed is: ground speed plus wind speed as an example (15 mph GS + 10 mph = 25 mph AS). When your turn down wind, your air speed is: ground less wind speed (15 mph GS - 10 mph WS = 5 mph AS). Trouble usually happens soon as you make your turn, your air speed drops instantly, before your plane can speed up from being pushed along. When your plane finish the turn the ground speed will now be 35 mph and the air speed will be 25 mph.

I find ther are more places to fly in the winter. That park that was too busy in the summer, is now vacant, with a plowed parking lot.
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I was 3/4 the way up the Mitten, in Oscoda (really, Wurtsmith AFB). NO fan of Lake Effect Snow!!!! :eek::mad::mad::oops:

I'll be starting on a Storch Kit next week. Not rubbing it in, I promise (!!!), but I'm now in Arizona, and THIS is Flying Season here... ;)
I'm a N00B Flyer (models anyway), and will be taking the Winter, perfecting my RC Flight Skills - and, tinkering and trying to come up with some hacks, to improve it......
Although it already has a great reputation!!

I'm Older, Slower and a little Dimmer. :p My idea is to make mine more.... Old Fart Friendly!!!!
I will of COURSE, share any/all findings here, Crash or Triumph, in case there's any ideas that you or anyone here could maybe use.

I'm very interested in finding out more about the Sea Otter. I've hardly heard anything....
Cheers, and stay WARM!!


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If you'd also be interested in the Sea Duck, which is also supposed to be pretty good on Snow.......
Or, if you want to spruce up any of your Planes....

FT Engine Cowlings.jpg

These things are dying for some Scale Details!! These Cowlings would dress up several FT Aircraft, that takes the standard (long) Power Pod.
Also, I'm getting him to Design a more Oval shaped Cowl, that would look good on the Storch!! ;)


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So this got me thinking.... "Different Plane Design".

I love flying and will fly in the winter as much as the weather permits. Lets face it, flying in the winter is difficult. For me it is building season, aka da winter. I will build 3-4 each of my favorite FT planes. I leave them on the work bench ready to take over when I crash, just move over the electronics and your good to go. I prefer to use my good summer days for flying not building. It pays to plan ahead.