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  1. T

    Flysky th9x not working with Smart Propo Plus

    So recently I was digging though my old boxes and I found my old flysky receiver, so I decided that why not try to set up a simulator! After hours of downloading software after software, I got it to connect and work with other simulators(SmartPropoPlus), but there was one problem, the stick that...
  2. J

    SALE: Officially Retiring from RC Scratch-building:

    SOLD Sold, thanks to all
  3. ParkeFlyer

    Announcing... ParkeFlyer online store

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we recently opened an online store called ParkeFlyer. We are a small company located in Austin, Texas, USA, focused on RC products that get you out of the garage and your plane in the air. Our flagship product is the Flyer9x RC transmitter. We've taken...