ft 3d

  1. X

    Using Elmer's foam board

    Hi everyone, I live in France and as you may know we don't have dollar tree foam in Europe so I am looking for replacements. I have looked into most forum post about it but can't realy find a definitive answer to my question. I want to scratch build a FT 3D. I have already tried building a...
  2. Bayboos

    FT 3D depron profile

    Hello everybody. This is my first build thread over here, so please be reasonable with your comments :) The background: 1. Light = cheap. 2. I live in a country where 1,2m x 0,8m depron sheet costs less than 10$. EPP foam is almost twice that, and DTFB/FTFB is not available by any means. 3...
  3. C

    FT 3d with servo controlled l.e.d.'s

    My first flight with the ft 3d wasn't a success, I flew about 12 sec before dive bombing a jeep that was traveling 20 mph on the road, I repaired the plame and thought I would mess around with some lights I had sitting around, I powered the lights with a 9v battery and cut the negative wire...
  4. RcMatt

    FT 3d "Beef" Power Plant

    Has anyone had success in using the "beef" (GT2215/09) using the 10x 4.7 prop as mentioned by Mr. Bixler? And also what esc did you use? Is 25amp enough? -Thanks
  5. marktbaldridge

    FT 3D Indoors?

    Hi everyone! Quick question. Is the FT 3D too big to fly in a decent sized school gym? I'm looking to get my flying fix amid winter's wind and cold. Thanks!