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Using Elmer's foam board


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Hi everyone,

I live in France and as you may know we don't have dollar tree foam in Europe so I am looking for replacements. I have looked into most forum post about it but can't realy find a definitive answer to my question.

I want to scratch build a FT 3D. I have already tried building a versa wing with "carton plume" which is apparently equivalent to your Elmers foam board, that is a weight of 420g / m². It is almost twice as heavy as the DTF. My question is : given the great weight difference of my futur FT 3D, will it be able to keep the same flying carateristic (ability to hover, torque roll etc.) with the same C pack sold by Flite test. I expect my model to weight at least 750g (compared to the 430g of Flite Test ) without battery. Since it is almost twice the weight I am worried about power and general inertia that may completly change the feeling of the plane.

Do you think I should build it with this type of foam ? would it be better made out of 6mm Depron or should I directly try to buy some DTF from ebay ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


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Hey Hotwax !

Thank you for your answer. Where do you buy that exact type of product (I am in Paris if you know a particular place) ? I found it in "le géant des beaux arts" but it seem to be very heavy from the caracteristics stated on the web site (more than 600g/m² from what I have calculated). Did they make a mistake on their web site ? Also do you take 3mm or 5mm foam board to build these plans ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


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Just throwing it out there, the ft 3d will fly with the extra weight no problem. Your question as to the same as the ft 3d with dtf the answer is no it will not fly the same 3d plane need and like to be light. It may still hover with the "c" pack maybe? And if you add a bigger motor you add even more weight. It's a double edged sword. Whatever you do find try to remove as much of the inside paper as possible, it will lighten it up a little and be light on the glue it all adds weight. Good luck.


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Hi Mytmerc83,

I build the FT 3D V1, use a 1300mAh 3 Cell and a 2826 1400KV. All up weight is abaut 700 gr and it does hover.


Just try
Hey hotwax I was pretty sure it would hover.....ish puch out must be slow. That "C" pack flys the bushwacker too. My point was more to it performing like a dtf plane. Light is king with 3d. It will fly no trouble just not the same.


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Hey Hotwax and Mytmerc !

Thanks for your answer ! Since I had some foam lying around i decided to give it a go and in the end I think my FT 3D will be around 700g AUW just like yours Hotwax !
I will keep posting on wether or not I like its overall performances this way !

Just one more question : Do you know of any plan that contain the control horn used by FliteTest ? On my versa i did them randomly but for this one I would like to have something a little more accurate to keep correct throws !

Just looked at it again don't see a control horn tab but most plans include them just open one scroll to that page and print. Nice and easy. Hope it helps.