ft-blunt nose versa

  1. FoamyDM

    FF 2018 Built FT Blunt Nose Versa Wing - Finally up and flying

    This craft I brought plans to FF 2018 and Built FT Blunt Nose Versa Wing with my brother right after. but I didn't have the CG marks, I tried it a few times in the fall, failed, and put it away. This time i decided to chuck it how I thought it would b balance and found a good start point...
  2. andycho

    Build progress of making FT-Blunt Nose Versa

    It is my first build of RC plane. It is FT-Blunt Nose Versa. I record build progress by GoPro Hero 3+ time-lapse mode. But because of I'm new, I can't fly it well, after a while I will post my test fly video. hope someone can point what I am wrong.