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Build progress of making FT-Blunt Nose Versa


It is my first build of RC plane. It is FT-Blunt Nose Versa. I record build progress by GoPro Hero 3+ time-lapse mode. But because of I'm new, I can't fly it well, after a while I will post my test fly video. hope someone can point what I am wrong.


Winter is coming
Nice build video and welcome to the FliteTest forums! What kind of foamboard is available in China? Looks like a great build. Definitely post your video of the flight. If you have a transmitter that allows you to adjust expo and throw limits, I would definitely use something like 30% expo and up to 50% of throws on the Versa, if you are new to flying wings.
Thank you for you reply

Thanks for you reply. In China the most of common foam board's thickness is little more than 5mm. It is easy to find & easy to use. My transmitter can adjust expo and throw limits, but ,because I'm new,I didn't know much about it. So the last test fly I use all 100%. So it make my wing crash all the time : ( luckily it is easy to repair. I will post my test-fly video soon.
Hi,you build is great!

I saw you blog post, I think your build is great! I also like you GoPro mount. If I can fly my wing well. I will setup a GoPro mount also. I reply your post on your blog too. :) keep going! It will be nice to see your wing fly on the sky.
yeah! It is really nice wing.

Yes, It is really nice wing.. I like it too! I will build more Blunt Nose Versa for practise flying skill.**