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ft cub

  1. Matthewdupreez

    Cheap batteries!!!

    Hi guys I'm in a pickle....... So I can't afford proper rc plane batteries.... But I have access to 3.7 v 300mah, batteries they arent lithium iron I think they are lithium polymer. U can find them on aliexpress or banggood pls let me know how I could use them... For a simple FT Cub. Thanks Matthew
  2. JGplanes

    Blowing up a 3D Printed Cub... Literally!

    I've been working on a 3D printed Cub, but v1 had some issues which led to its quick demise. Not wanting to let a good failure go to waste, I took my childhood penchant for destroying model planes to a new level. ;) Check it out...
  3. R

    Flying the FT Simple Cub in Nor Cal on a HOT day....

    When you gotta fly, you gotta fly!!! Even when the weather is close to 100 degrees! Love building FT planes. Adams White Foam board Red spray paint Emax CF2800 1200KV motor 9x5 prop 9g servos x 4 Spektrum DX5e Tx Spektrum AR500 Rx