ft mini corsair

  1. J

    Help! I done goofed up...bought the wrong Mini Corsair and now I need help

    Hi Guys, First time building Flite Test Speed build kits. Also first time dabbling in RC flight. I bought a Mighty Mini Corsair and a power pack A, as I was led to believe this could be a good beginner, particularly with an aura 5 board in it. So that's what I went for. Only now that I have...
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  3. C

    Help! FT Mini Corsair/Foam board

    So I'm going to buy/build a mini Corsair, but I can't buy a power pack right now. Is it possible to build the model, paint it, etc, then open it up later and put all the electronics in? Also, I'm curious if I can build more than one model with the 25-pack foam board, (if so, how many? mini or...
  4. dehager

    FT Mini Corsair Maiden Flight

    Small break in the weather this afternoon here in Eastern PA so today was the day for the maiden flight! Build thread is located over in Swappables and other FT designs: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/ft-mini-corsair-build.60954/ I needed to add 1.50 oz. of weight to get it to...
  5. dehager

    FT Mini Corsair Build

    Here is my latest build and a rather vague interpretation of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's F4U Corsair. Just enough detail if you stand back a few feet and to be recognizable in flight. Patiently waiting for the weather to break here in Eastern PA so that I can go for the maiden flight. For...
  6. K

    Intermittent pulsing as I throttle up

    I bought power pack A and the mini corsair build a few weeks back. Just finished the whole project. Immediately running into a similar problem that I saw someone else hit with Power Pack C on another thread. They posted this youtube video which shows my exact problem. The build is all straight...
  7. Flyer4god

    Mini Corsair mods - The Frankenstein

    Some “upscale” experimenting with leftover foamboard. 1. Full bottom airfoil (inspired by NerdNic) 2. Rounded cowling 3. Fully rounded bottom of the fuse I call it the Frankenstein haha If anyone has any ideas what else is doable to scale her up, let me know! (:
  8. tcalico

    FT mini Corsair or mini Guinea any good on windy days????

    After two months of flying, I do see that pilot skill has a great affect on any plane's ability to fly in the wind. However, my little stock engine HZ Champ can still become a kite in a strong breeze and my flying area is often windy even at dawn or sunset. I'd like to build the FT Mini Corsair...
  9. N

    Scaling up plans (ft mini corsair)

    Hey, does anyone of you have any good experience with scaling up ft plans? I´m a big fan of the ft mini corsair, but I would like to experiment with scaling it up. The mini had some issues with tail weight, so I bet the problem would only scale with the size. Maybe shift the wing placement a...