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Pumpkin drop event

ft mini corsair

  1. K

    Intermittent pulsing as I throttle up

    I bought power pack A and the mini corsair build a few weeks back. Just finished the whole project. Immediately running into a similar problem that I saw someone else hit with Power Pack C on another thread. They posted this youtube video which shows my exact problem. The build is all straight...
  2. Flyer4god

    Mini Corsair mods - The Frankenstein

    Some “upscale” experimenting with leftover foamboard. 1. Full bottom airfoil (inspired by NerdNic) 2. Rounded cowling 3. Fully rounded bottom of the fuse I call it the Frankenstein haha If anyone has any ideas what else is doable to scale her up, let me know! (:
  3. tcalico

    FT mini Corsair or mini Guinea any good on windy days????

    After two months of flying, I do see that pilot skill has a great affect on any plane's ability to fly in the wind. However, my little stock engine HZ Champ can still become a kite in a strong breeze and my flying area is often windy even at dawn or sunset. I'd like to build the FT Mini Corsair...
  4. N

    Scaling up plans (ft mini corsair)

    Hey, does anyone of you have any good experience with scaling up ft plans? I´m a big fan of the ft mini corsair, but I would like to experiment with scaling it up. The mini had some issues with tail weight, so I bet the problem would only scale with the size. Maybe shift the wing placement a...