Help! I done goofed up...bought the wrong Mini Corsair and now I need help

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Hi Guys,

First time building Flite Test Speed build kits. Also first time dabbling in RC flight. I bought a Mighty Mini Corsair and a power pack A, as I was led to believe this could be a good beginner, particularly with an aura 5 board in it. So that's what I went for. Only now that I have both the power pack and the airplane do I realize there are two versions of the Mighty Mini Corsair. I thought I got the one that John Overstreet built in the video, the all-foam one. I believe that was the one that was easy to fly. I got the older one. The one that wants power pack F. Will power pack A fit? What do I do? How much trouble am I in as far as "beginner" goes? Can this be salvaged with the parts I have?

Hope you guys have clear blue skies. :)

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you will have no problem flying the older design on an A-pack. it will actually be better for you than the F-pack which makes this plane very quick and twitchy. it is not the most basic of builds but if you take your time you should be fine. make sure to ask questions if you get in trouble and don't move ahead until you feel comfortable.

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An A pack will fly it just fine. I love the older mini corsair, it flies fantastic! Here's the maiden flight of mine, and I was running an F pack on 3s and as you can see it has way more than enough power.


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I've flown both, and although I personally prefer the new version more for flight characteristics and battery hatch design, they both are decent planes and both will fly fine on an A pack. The older one may seem a little trickier to build but so long as you take your time it is a great little plane! I ended up losing my original corsair in a cartwheel landing and built the full-sized master series plane to replace it instead of another mini!

But as PlanesAndThings said, I haven't found a F-pack plane that can't fly on an A pack. (at least on 3s which is what I normally fly with) in many cases having the limited power actually makes the mini planes EASIER to fly because you're less likely to give it too much throttle and flip it over, or get into trouble! And they can always be upgraded later if you feel you need more speed!