ft old fogey

  1. D

    zero successful flights, second plane had a flame or 2

    I scratch built something simple, Old Fogey. Several crashes over the past few weeks while working on CG and today it did a nice arch before impacting the ground. ESC burnt up. It could be that my prop/motor is pointed down too much, not my intent. Hoping for better flights in the future.
  2. S

    Dihedral on FT Old Fogey

    Hey y'all,I'm wondering if I could use dihedral instead of olyhedral on the Old Fogey.Would it have much difference? Thanks in advance!
  3. Mostly Harmless

    FT Swappables got me back into flying RC!

    Having a great time building and flying the FT planes. What a great way to get back into flying! I know I shouldn't work too hard at making planes pretty before I get the hang of flying, but that's half the fun (at least for me). Thought I'd share a few videos. The FT Old Fogey (from a...