FT Swappables got me back into flying RC!

Having a great time building and flying the FT planes. What a great way to get back into flying!

I know I shouldn't work too hard at making planes pretty before I get the hang of flying, but that's half the fun (at least for me).

Thought I'd share a few videos.

The FT Old Fogey (from a speed build kit) after getting beat up a bit while re-learning to fly. It's a very gentle plane... and a surprising capability to catch some thermals and gain serious altitude quickly. Just a few laps around the park in this video: http://youtu.be/DupTLf8xbxc

And my latest plane (scratch build FT Flyer). Because my wife expressed an interest in learning to fly, we each built our own Flyer. Here's mine on its maiden flight: http://youtu.be/5OzLPGZBSAQ This is a very easy flying plane, and a good way to get my wife started (after she gets a bit more stick time on the simulator).

So thanks to the Flite Test gang! Looking forward to building the Storch, next...