1. X

    Don't know what kind of radio to get?

    Im very new to the RC hobby but have been buildings models for some time (throw and glide ones). I want to start with the Mini FT22 but am not sure what other parts I will need. I know I need a transmitter and capable receiver- I just don't need something OTT, a plain (pun not intended) and...
  2. T

    FT22- hand launch issue, whats worng ??

    FT22- hand launch issue, whats worng ?? - Got it finally Hi Guys, Please point out what am i doing wrong, pls see the video, http://youtu.be/qyOU9gQohEo ... I have exp with bixler2 and mini swift, but this kind of launch is new to me .. please help !! And also it got damaged a bit , how can...
  3. T

    FT22 with Kodak PlayFull camera

    I stuck a camera in my FT22 and flew it around a bit today. It worked better than I thought it would, so I may revisit the project in the future. Of course, the canopy looms too large in the shot, so that'd have to be cut off which would probably detract from the look of the plane, but I...
  4. T

    FT22 "flying" video

    I took my underpowered FT22 out a few days ago and shot some video. I smashed it up pretty good a day or two later, but it's back together and ready to go again.
  5. F

    FT 22 mods to fix cg and slow speed flying

    When I first built this plane I was so excited because I love flitetest and I like park jets. I was stoked to fly and build a flitetest park jet. As per per all the other flitetest planes it when together perfectly and looks awesome. but then I started to try to get the cg where it was marked...
  6. OrcaSea

    FT 22 v.2: Frustrating first flight(s) HELP!

    Greetings, I had a frustrating evening with my new FT 22. It was a clear day, very light, steady winds. The FT22 was built using the quick build kit as a template. I used the 'small' Hex 24gr. motor and 9 gram servos with a Turnigy 9X radio and Turnigy 3-channel receiver and a Rhino 610...