1. Ligbaer

    Steve Henry YEE HAW highlander

    I am building a highlander for this challenge my plans for the build are the followings 1) paint it like steve Henry’s highlander cause @Taildragger suggested it and I like the suggestion 2) THICC control surfaces cause why not 3) win the challenge; I like Winning because winning is cool 😎 (I...
  2. mayan

    FTFC22: Build-ruary by Mayan (Build Skill: 5 Experienced , Pilot Skill: 4 Skilled)

    Hey all a little late but here we go this is my entry. Mighty Mini Corsair Mighty Mini SE5 Biplane Super Bee Bronco Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer
  3. bwarz

    FTFC22: Build-ruary by bwarz

    Build skill level: 3.5 Piloting skill level: 2 My choices (well, mostly committed - note #3) for this Feb's build sprint. To be building (hopefully:ROFLMAO:): 1. FT Sea Duck 2. @localfiend (no longer on the board?) A6M Zero mini 3. TBD (possibly FT Mini DR1 or FT Mini P51 Mustang??) 4. My...