ftfc23 build-ruary

  1. AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC (Build Skill: 2.48, Pilot SKill: 1.25) UnEZ Bronco - Better looking EZ Bronco under 50g for the 2-Channel EZ Pack Nano Scout - Planning on an experiment to use the Nano Flerken power pack to fly a mini [75% smaller than a] Mini Scout (3-channel) FT MM Corsair (PS...
  2. DJSomm1

    40” Wittman Tailwind

    The simple lines of the Wittman Tailwind are nicely suited to FT build methods. But talk is cheap. It’s time to cut foam. The faint lines of the cuts (needle cutter details here) should give you an idea of just how simple the aircraft is.
  3. FoamyDM

    FTFC23: Buildruary Build-off Challenge

    February is FT-Build-Ruary Month! Hi All, Lets welcome another flying season, ready to go! Once Again, I challenge all here to turn February into FT-Build-Ruary So Many Planes So Little Time: I, like most folk in this community, have a LONG build list of planes I would LOVE to build. Since I...