FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC


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FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC (Build Skill: 2.48, Pilot SKill: 1.25)
  1. UnEZ Bronco - Better looking EZ Bronco under 50g for the 2-Channel EZ Pack
  2. Nano Scout - Planning on an experiment to use the Nano Flerken power pack to fly a mini [75% smaller than a] Mini Scout (3-channel)
  3. FT MM Corsair (PS Version) - Got a kit given to me by my flying buddy/mentor, so going to skin it with Rasterize's skin and crash it in style.
  4. FT Mini Old Fogey. The plans have finally hit the FTCA portal!
I am still relatively new to the scene, gaining entrance through the EZ series in 2020 and getting a DX6e for Christmas in 2021.
From last year's batch of Build-rary planes, my Tiny Trainer survives, but the 4-channel Crash Test Mini Scout (with Floats) was the best plane of the bunch, eventually going down in amazing glory due to the wing folding during some aerobatic attempts. The original EZ Bronco also lasted, but got binned as soon as the UnEZ prototypes seemed to be a better option...
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1. UnEZ Bronco
This is a redesign/upgrade for my much-loved EZ Bronco (currently sitting at 270 community downloads)

The yellow/orange Bronco above is my EZ Bronco from last year's challenge. The others are all prototypes of the UnEZ Bronco.

So as you can see, the plan is to create a more scale-looking version for the EZ Pack. All the electronics will be hidden (barring wiring that leads from the fuselage to the nacelles), and a CAL FIRE skin created to boot (see the plane on the top of the pile)
I started playing with this design late last year and have gotten 90% there, but hit a snag in created the canopy.
PXL_20230111_025140105.jpg PXL_20230111_155100890.jpg PXL_20230111_162316291.jpg PXL_20230111_154856351.jpg PXL_20230111_153709619.MP.jpg

The rounded canopy is a possibility, but in the end, I decided it was just too finicky to be a reliable resource. I shelved the project, until I stumbled upon the Build-rary challenge. Mission is back on!
So in Illustrator, I dumbed down the canopy design to a 'boxier' version that was more along the lines of how I originally started (see the planes at the bottom of the pile), and for now, I assume this will be the best way forward.

10 February 2023:
I printed the updated fuselage plan with the boxy canopy, and did a quick test-build to see if it would work.
PXL_20230210_154529401.jpg PXL_20230210_191441997.jpg PXL_20230210_191450309.jpg

It works and doesn't look too bad! The actual model will be a bit more moulded, so should look slightly better.

Next steps: Fix/update the CAL Fire Skin I created and then the actual build can start!

11 February 2023:
Updated skins printed, glued to foam board and basic parts cut out!
PXL_20230212_011912210.jpg PXL_20230212_012622904.jpg PXL_20230212_013416115.jpg PXL_20230212_013955840.jpg PXL_20230212_015924823.jpg PXL_20230212_014354526.jpg PXL_20230212_013854481.jpg PXL_20230212_014401697.jpg

Sharpies and pens used to colour and detail the foam edges.
PXL_20230212_014627881.jpg PXL_20230212_014639445.jpg PXL_20230212_015422060.jpg

For the nacelles and fuselage, I've left out printing/tracing the plans on the inside, as I've made the plane before and am lazy, so skipping this step. When the eventual plans cover out, the skinned versions will also have the inside skins with the plans on where to cut/bevel,mould.
PXL_20230212_023637035.jpg PXL_20230212_023641015.jpg PXL_20230212_023720518.jpg

I also taped over the canopy with clear packing tape for two reasons: glass is generally shiny, and this will also help the paper from tearing when I mould the canopy into shape. Hopefully.

Next steps: Cut the bevels and cavities and start putting things together!

13 February 2023:
Parts starting to be moulded and wing shape formed.
PXL_20230214_014326258.jpg PXL_20230214_024014315.jpg

14 February 2023:
Completed the build! I've experimented a bit with bevel edges instead of the usually cavities for putting the box-shapes together. It allows for less harsh edges in the fuselage and booms.
PXL_20230214_172903301.jpg PXL_20230214_173138107.jpg PXL_20230214_173748150.jpg PXL_20230214_180701148.jpg PXL_20230214_174248879.MP.jpg PXL_20230214_180520902.jpg PXL_20230214_180851222.jpg PXL_20230214_181423753.PORTRAIT.jpg PXL_20230214_184925109.MP.jpg PXL_20230214_185638499.jpg PXL_20230214_183543556.jpg PXL_20230214_185845055.jpg
I was a tad heavy-handed with the glue at stages, so she came out a bit heavy at 41g all up before the battery, so it's pretty close to the (unnecessary self-devised devised) 50g AUW target.

I'm potentially going to attempt some wheels for it before maidening, and need to find a good interior area for the maiden. I don't really want to crash it into the snow and mud...


  • UnEZ Bronco (v1.1 BETA v2.2) - Print File (4x Letter Tiled).pdf
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2. Nano Scout
I've made a few Nano Flerken a since getting the original SBK (which I still have as my stencil), but it comes with some small and light electronics, so I thought it would be fun to attempt a smaller version of the Mini Scout.

15 February 2023:
I took last year's Build-ruary design and printed the plans at 75%, then cut them out and glued them onto some foam board. Wingspan of 18" (46cm-ish).
PXL_20230214_204355332.jpg PXL_20230215_194040411.jpg PXL_20230215_194057639.jpg

Did a quick mock-up and see the Nano Flerken's engine mount fits close enough (with a bit of a squeeze) and the parts fit with the edges/tabs pinched a little.

16 February 2023:
Nano Scout was thrown together today!
PXL_20230216_201320411.jpg PXL_20230216_201343130.jpg PXL_20230216_201337144.jpg PXL_20230216_201424964.jpg

I got an Mini AeroScout set of wheels on clearance at a LHS, so got them installed, too. They seem a perfect fit :)

AUW with a 800 2-cell comes in at a massive 132g, with it being 90g before the LiPo is installed.
PXL_20230216_201658259.jpg PXL_20230216_201715066.jpg

Will maiden when the weather clears! Woohoo!
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3. Mighty Mini Corsair (Peter Sripol version)
My RC friend/mentor gifted me a FT MM Corsair speed build kit last year after he went to Flite Fest, so this has been in the build cards for a while now.
Our local library has a large scale printer, so I printed @Rasterize's skin for it, too.


20 February 2023:
Skins cut out, ready for use. I stuck the poster board skins onto the poster board pieces and the wing skins, too.
Assembled the wing up to the anhedral gluing section. Using Gorilla Glue for that mid section as I feel it will expand and do a better job than hot glue.

21 February 2023:
Wing competed, aileron servos installed. Fuselage getting there!

22 February 2023:
Build competed!
I think this is going to be a tail-heavy plane, so we'll see how interesting it is to fly....
PXL_20230222_213238164.jpg PXL_20230222_213254127.jpg
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4. Mighty Mini Old Fogey
With the plans being released on the FTCA portal, this one is on the cards to be built!

17 February 2023:
Plans printed and cut!

19 February 2023:
Plans transferred to foam board, parts cut out and edges bevelled, cavities emptied. Next steps are to get this thing together!

20 February 2023:
The MM Old Fogey built following Josh's build video.
Had a bit of an issue installing the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, they were installed too far forward so I had problems getting the control horns installed at neutral...
Otherwise, the build went pretty smoothly.
Weight came in pretty much bang-on what was mentioned in the plan specs, so happy about that. Keen to maiden this one!

23 February 2023:
Spray-painted the wings and tail, added some reflective tape, so stuck on letting and calling it a day!
PXL_20230223_140658078.jpg PXL_20230223_150443965.jpg

PXL_20230223_165614260.PORTRAIT.jpg PXL_20230223_165352699.jpg PXL_20230223_165324962.PORTRAIT.jpg

24 February 2023:
A couple of Sharpies while watching TV with the Mrs last night resulted in some rivets being added to the Mini Old Fogey...
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I love the thicker fuse Bronco. The original is on my list, I think I will add this one instead.


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Maidens, Round 1!

Post-Maiden Summary:
Looking forward to getting a calm day to fly the UnEZ Bronco. Need to get a good flight on that one before resources can be created for it.

I've also now fixed the Nano Scout's badly made power pod and included a thrust angle this time, so will try re-maiden it if/when the weather clears.

The Mini Old Fogey just needs to be fine-tuned a bit more but flew great when I adjusted the rates and expo for the third flight.

The corsair was the biggest surprise. I was expecting it to be a big flop, so didn't even bother weather-proofing it, but it flew! I broke a prop due to using a 2S battery causing it to bee too tail-heavy, so I'll maybe attempt another video when I try flying it on 3S.
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Nano Scout maidened properly today, too:

I quickly created some skis today due to the snow, then friction-fitted them onto the Mini Aeroscout wheels I have installed.
PXL_20230305_021318936.jpg PXL_20230304_201940013.jpg PXL_20230304_212007261.jpg

They held out perfectly for the flights and worked awesome. All the crashes were definitely caused by pilot error. After Charlotte quit recording due to harsh working conditions (to instead go tumble around in the snow), I flew for a few more minutes and got a lot better at carrying more speed into the landings and not letting it fall from the sky.

For future renditions of the plane, I'll move the servos more forward as she tends to be a tad tail-heavy. Maybe add a bit more reinforcement behind the landing wheels as I think that might become a weak-point. Otherwise, she's a blast to fly and play off in the snow. I want to get these electronics into a Wonder Glider next, but I think that's going to have to wait a while until I totally destroy this build...


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3. Mighty Mini Corsair (versión de Peter Sripol)
Mi amigo/mentor de RC me regaló un kit de construcción de velocidad FT MM Corsair el año pasado después de ir al Flite Fest, por lo que ha estado en las tarjetas de construcción desde hace un tiempo.
Nuestra biblioteca local tiene una impresora a gran escala, así que también imprimí el diseño de @Rasterize.

View attachment 235309

20 de febrero de 2023:
Pieles recortadas, listas para usar. Pegué las pieles de cartulina sobre las piezas de cartulina y también las pieles de las alas.
Montado el ala hasta la sección de encolado anédrico. Usando Gorilla Glue para esa sección media, creo que se expandirá y funcionará mejor que el pegamento caliente.
View attachment 235310

21 de febrero de 2023:
Ala competida, servos de alerones instalados. ¡El fuselaje llega allí!
View attachment 235336

22 de febrero de 2023:
¡Construye competido!
Creo que este será un avión con mucha cola, así que veremos qué tan interesante es volar...
View attachment 235364 View attachment 235365
Donde puedo conseguir esas plantillas, estoy construyendo un corsair mini y se veria genial con esas plantillas


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Donde puedo conseguir esas plantillas, estoy construyendo un corsair mini y se veria genial con esas plantillas