1. T

    Graupner 250Q Alpha FPV Troubleshooting help

    I recently purchased the Graupner 250Q Alpha RTF FPV combo pack from the store along with Fat Shark Attitude V4 goggles. The manual says the copter should be already set to broadcast FPV with the included Helistar FT591 set to group D and ch4. I replaced the included dipole antenna with an...
  2. _sOnGoKu_

    Cheerson CX - drone 10WD Tx (WiFi FPV Quadcopter) + Unboxing + Review + Videos

    Hello friends, to day I would like to talk a little of my little nano. If something makes me see that technology is advancing fast, it's small things like this .. A few years ago, it seemed impossible that they could cram as much in such a small place. While this drone is perfect to start at...
  3. D

    Insane Drone Warehouse Racing In 4K

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this site, so thanks for taking the time to read this. I think that this FPV drone racing will be a television sport of the future. What's your thoughts? DroneGod