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gens ace lipo

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    Flute test power pack c battery

    So I bought a gens ace 2200 mAh 60c 3s LiPo and a flite test power pack c I’m new to the hobby and was wondering if this battery will blow out the esc due to the quarantine it would be a hassle to return the battery. Thanks
  2. V

    Gens ace & Tattu hot items back in stock again.

    On Jun 10th, some hot items would be back in stock again,See if there is anything you are waiting for;Free shipping over $49.99 5000mah 2s 50c Hardcase 5000mah 4s 50c Hardcase 4200mah 2s 60c Hardcase(shorty) 1300mah 4s 75c racing http://www.genstattu.com Take the chance,Fun shopping.
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    Only $8.49 for Gens ace 1000mah 11.1v 25c 3s1p lipo

    THE BATTERY PACK Designed for 800MM Warbirds, EPP 3D plane,small heli, QAV180/210, etc. Free shipping over $49.99 http://www.genstattu.com/ga-b-25c-1000-3s1p-deans.html