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  1. herbertjalarcon

    1st time slope soaring

    So with this lockdown, my local field is closed and all the others are limiting admission to 10 people at a time, so I've been looking for other places to fly. Started thinking about slope soaring...I built a Simple Soarer a few months back to launch off of my twin engine hauler (which is a lot...
  2. thenated0g

    8ft Zagi Sloper - DIY / Hot cutting / Fiberglass - MAIDENED!

    *********I wasn't going to do a build thread but i had some free time last night so typed it up in case anybody was interested. Last week i finished building another plane and wanted something to do and i got inspired to do a "quick" hot cut wing. This is in comparison to the over year it took...
  3. Daniel Kezar

    FTFC March Madness Daniel Kezar - FT Simple Soarer (no motor) paint and glide over 1m

    Hello, Hello! Welcome to the thread where I, Daniel, will be completing my Simple Soarer for FTFC March Madness! My goals are as follows, to get it flight ready with good CG and such, make it waterproof, make it look purdy (paint), and finally, to glide it for over one minute. I think...
  4. M

    Gliders and Slope Soaring

    Hey Flite Test! Something I would be keen on seeing in one of your future episodes is more on slope soaring. Specifically on the smaller scale, such as the Hobbyking Guppy and Nexus-900. The sort of think you can chuck into your bag while walking or hiking and pull out if you find a good...
  5. Andre

    Achievement Unlocked - Used Radian

    Last night I got to check off a plane from my wish list. Picked up a very nice (used) Radian. I've wanted one since last summer when I had the chance to fly with Chris. I came home after FF and used my Bixler to go soaring. Worked out well but I was always having to strip out the FPV gear...