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glue gun

  1. t3yf5g

    First time using Glue gun

    I have my FT mini scout kit coming tomorrow and picked up a glue gun and some sticks. I noticed the Hosts using Ad Tech Pro200 glue gun and purchased that. The glue stick were of the same brand and the Multitemp ones. I did some gluing on my quad to cover up the PCB connections and the glue...
  2. J

    Sweet deal on the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun!

    Sweet deal: Surebonder CL-800F cordless glue gun! I found the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store. With the 50% off coupon in the following link, it should cost around $10.00 before tax. Can't beat that deal. Coupon good through 15 Nov...