1. D

    If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals

    If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals I have a Vinyl Express Q100 48 in wide machine and can cut from small items such as Business card size letters or objects to Semi Truck Vinyl decals. I have quite a few colors in stock of the 5 year 3 mil vinyl which is thicker but not too bad and can get the 7...
  2. C

    Baby Blender "Art" Plane

    Just thought I would share, I took the pics of my baby blender and heat pressed the image using heat transfer paper, the press actually melts the foam just enough to strengthen the dollar tree foam board and adheres the paper to eliminate desalination from the stock foam, the wing supports are...
  3. Imanewb

    Sharpie paint job with freehand gremlin.

    I was bored and had a few sharpies. I am not done yet but I had to take a break due to lack of good ventilation... :p woohoooo!