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graupner mz-10

  1. P

    Liftoff simulator with graupner mz-10?

    Hi everyone, I got a Graupner mz-10 a while ago, and was hoping to be able to use it with the Liftoff simulator. I did a little googling, but it seemed like most solutions online wouldnt work for this model. Is it possible to connect this controller to my computer? If I can't do this with...
  2. Skunkworkss

    First Post and greetings from Chicago

    I had to register to the forum because I've ran out of options. I picked up the tiny Trainer starter kit a while back and its been a blast. But, I've run into a problem today as I finished my Mini Arrow. My Graupner MZ-10 that comes with the kit is having peculiar throttle issues. As in having...