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I had to register to the forum because I've ran out of options. I picked up the tiny Trainer starter kit a while back and its been a blast. But, I've run into a problem today as I finished my Mini Arrow. My Graupner MZ-10 that comes with the kit is having peculiar throttle issues. As in having the stick in the middle stops the motor BUT moving the stick down makes the prop spin forward and up makes it go in reverse... There is little to no info on the net about the MZ-10, like Graupner doesn't think it exists. All I get is one video about resetting the binding (not working) and the owners manual PDF.

A little insight and know how on fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated.


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The ESC or radio is setup to fly a 3D Heli or Quad. I don't know Graupner TX though, so I can't help resetting it. Might be helpful to know the ESC model and type.



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If you havent done so already I'd also calibrate your ESC.

Thanks Kacnor and Fogey, the Emax 12A was and is the issue. Turns out that it's stuck in a bidirectional mode and resetting the ESC with the transmitter isn't working. Throttle is still at neutral mid-stick :( Two days of awesome weather gone.


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Unfortunately, once the BLHeli ESCs get into 3D mode, they shut off the radio reprogramming mode. That's a serious design flaw in BLHeli, IMO.

To get it out of this mode you'll either need the Emax reprogramming card or go through the process of reflashing the ESC. Reflashing is not impossibly difficult but needs an arduino and a touch of soldering, which is beyond some people's willingness to tinker. If you're willing, search for "BLHeliSuite" and that tool will have most of the info you need to get started.