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  1. M

    Ho do you get the CG on a delta wing?

    I am wondering the best way to get the CG on a delta wing or any swept back flying wing? I know how to get the CG on a straight wing, trainer etc. On a straight wing I usually go one third of the cord from the leading edge and that seems to work fine. Would I do the same with a delta wing...
  2. D

    FT Spitfire CoG - Centre of Gravity

    Anyone got a spec for CoG/ Centre of Gravity on the FT Spit? I could not find one on the plan. Did maiden it with a 2200 stock but she kinda flew like a ski jumper. Suspect coz in uk we have to use 5mm she is tail heavy as there is 20% more weight. Interested to know what stock CoG is tho so I...