ground effect

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    Airfish 8

    Hello, I´m not too old in this giant world of RC. I was wandering if there was anyone who had the plans or the schematics for the very beautifull model that is the Airfish 8 since I am a builder and really would like to make/fly this aircraft. Thanks in advance.
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    First Scratch Build!

    So I decided to build a sled from dollar tree foam for use in the snow/water/grass. Just sat down and started cutting pieces out with no plans to see what I could come up with in one day. The video isn't the best, but I couldn't wait until the next day with sun light! It's basically a one...
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    Ground Effect?

    I have always been fascinated with ground effect vehicles + lately I have really been getting into scratch building. does anybody have any helpful knowledge on these machines? Or pictures of reliable designs? Thanks, TFF
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    I saw the microwave airplane video and felt that the plane was perhaps flying in ground effect. Ground effect is a strange phenomena that increases lift and reduces drag when a plane with very wide wings(large chord length) is flown very low( less than chord length altitude). Such vehicles have...