ground station

  1. C

    Is it possible...

    Would it be possible to link this system up to be the control for a fixed wing UAV...? This or This
  2. Y

    Help - wiring power

    Hey guys so came across a compact easy ground station made myself one the only thing i added was lipo battery checker inline that has a momentary switch wired to it (only display voltage when i press the button). after using it for sometime thought it...
  3. rcwingman

    Ground station - FPV / GPS / RSSI Antenna tracker build

    This is a build log to share the steps and knowlage by making a GPS / RSSI based antenna tracker with open source and open hardware stuff. Maybe some peoples are interested in building something similar. For a selfish reason I hope this thread can help me to stay motivated and finish this FPV...
  4. D

    Arduino RSSI Meter

    For those interested to monitor the strength of video downlink in the ground station, here's an option using Arduino and a small LCD: Arduino Code: * Videos: * *
  5. J

    FPV Suggestions

    Hey everyone, I recently took interest in FPV flight, and since I'm familiar with quadrotors, I thought I'd start with the Blade Nano QX FPV RTF. I wanted to make an investment into the fatshark goggles and the camera so I could use it later. However, I couldn't figure out anyway to receive onto...
  6. Andre

    Andre's 5.8GHz FPV Ground Station

    I've been slowly building up my ground station. First it started off with a DVR unit. (Portable DVR for FPV) Forum conversation. Then I picked up a Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set. I never indeeded to use the set as goggles but rather a monitor for my spotter or me. The combination was...
  7. RoyBro

    DVR Roundup

    OK, so I have the FPV transmitter with camera, and receiver with monitor. Don't worry, the FatSharks will arrive in a few weeks. In the meantime I'm putting together my ground station. Now I need a mini DVR to capture the FPV video. It seems to me that if they can make something as small and as...
  8. J

    FPV: How to use Nexus 7 as Ground Station Monitor

    Is I'm looking around for a cheap monitor to use for my ground station I am wondering if there is a way to use a Nexus 7 that I already have laying around the house. So far what I have is the simple FPV set recommended by the show from HK. Any Ideas?