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  1. Greg2B

    Mini H-Quad BlackOut Build Log | Greg2B

    So today I finally received my Blackout H-Quad in the mail. Yea!!!! Then I went through all of the smaller bag to check out all of the items and it was all there. I was missing my T-shirt so I'll have to contact Blackout about that. The awesomeness of having the quad blinded me to this until...
  2. F

    More H Quad Videos part 2

  3. F

    More H Quad Videos

  4. F

    H Quad Finally Finish

  5. F

    H Quad Maiden

  6. J

    First build ever, H Quad, Need Help Thanks!

    I built the wooden H Quad frame, looks great, now I need to add all the parts. Here's the shopping list I'm working on.... 1x #381000134/27109 MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller w/FTDI = $26.29 4x #TR_P18A/4312 TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller = $44.04 2x #AM1003A/67 4mm Gold Connectors...
  7. F

    i86 Control Board Help Please

    hello just got my i86 control Board and im trying to arm it but wont arm, any body out there can help me please. im trying to use this in my H Quad but cant figure it out.
  8. S

    What is your quad's AUW?

    I recently took apart my tricopter and use the parts to build my version of the H-Quad. My purpose is to mount my go pro and fpv gear on it to get some park flying and recording. I am using a 4000mah 3cell and my setup seemed heavy in the hand. Gear + cameras are 3 lbs 8 ozs, or 1600 grams...