1. ergomir

    How to make cockpit locks - scratchbuild -

    Hi people of the hobby! I will share the way i made my cockpit locks / hatch doors. With just three elements: a lighter spring, a little tube, and a wire 2mm thick. I hope you found this useful! cheers!
  2. InShot_20190318_113911703.mp4


    Guinea Hatch Door 1
  3. Y

    Versa Wing tractor setup

    My Versa Wing is ready to maiden. I've decided to fly with a tractor config for a while powered by an 8X4 prop, Emax GT2210/11 motor, 20A ESC and 1800mAh 3S Battery (Lazertoyz "BEEF" option). With added weight and power, how secure is the powerpod attachment ?. In the "Speed Challenge"...