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hawker hurricane

  1. 20191128_145843.jpg


    My fun little hurricane
  2. R

    CNC Hot Wire Hawker Hurricane

    Guys here is how I'm building a Hawker Hurricane out of foam using a CNC Hotwire machine. I wanted to make a plane completely out of foam with my 4 axis Hot Wire CNC machine. I'd built some flying wings already and decide I wanted to do the fuselage as well. The Hawker Hurricane was missing...
  3. themajik1

    EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e Build

    So I was asked after purchasing the EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e from Atlanta for the unbelievable price of $139.00 to do a quick build thread. This plane came like all of the EFlite, Parkzone, and the rest of Horizon Hobby's stuff packed well, no issues whatsoever. Here are the contents...